Extreme sports

There is a small town in Australia, Alice Springs. It was founded in 1871, and the reason for the construction of the settlement was the laying of a telephone line…

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Sbobet online
Windsurfing is a type of sailing. This entertainment consists in running on the water a small board with a sail. The projectile itself is called a “sailing board” or “windsurf”,…

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Since ancient times, mankind has tried to domesticate different types of animals, however, only some of them agreed to live next to human habitation. The rest were either too dangerous…

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Extreme sports are increasingly attracting those wishing to get a fair amount of adrenaline. There are already many winter sports that are considered extreme, among them several types of snowboarding: snowboarding, it’s just skiing from the mountain with the help of a board. A more extreme sport is freeride, when a descent from a mountain with a board passes along a virgin snow, and a halfpipe is a descent from a mountain with a board while performing acrobatic jumps and upheavals. Just getting down from the mountain on the board became boring, so we decided to add a technical pepper. Continue reading


Recently, a new type of attraction, called blobing, has firmly entered the pantheon of basic water entertainment. It took quite a bit of time for a newcomer to attract public attention, becoming a regular on almost all the beaches of popular sea areas.
In fact, the idea of ​​blobing is simple, like all ingenious. The usual airbag, the sizes of which vary from 5 to 12 meters in length, is the very blob in whose honor this fun is named. The blob’s location is water, where the main action takes place. Another indispensable attribute in blooming is a jumping structure. It is this duet – the pillow plus the tower – that is the sung collective that brings a fountain of emotions, an ocean of delight and a hurricane of pleasures to its many fans. Continue reading


Skimboarding is an underestimated sport on the board, the progenitor of which is surfing. Only skimboarders ride more often than not on the crest of a wave, they are well suited for shallow water, wet sand and even wet grass on a golf course. Arriving on the sandy beach, you can see a whole view on the beach. Skimboders start from the wet sand, return to shore, while doing 180 and 360 degrees U-turns, surprising the enthusiastic audience.

More recently, this sport has become known around the world. However, he was born almost 100 years ago in the small resort town of Laguna Beach in Southern California, where the coast is indented with cliffs, small cozy beaches are hidden from roads and prying eyes. Continue reading

Sailing Trimarans

Sailing, in particular the trimaran race, is rightfully considered an extreme sport. All participants in the race are at considerable risk. Under good weather conditions, a racing trimaran can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and any oversight in controlling a vessel can lead to serious consequences.
Competitions in trimarans are largely unpredictable. The weather has a great influence on the course of the race and it often happens that the slightest inaccuracy of a team takes away all chances to win.

Sailing trimaran is a ship with three parallel hulls that are connected to each other in the upper part. This design has good stability and good seaworthiness.
Trimarans represent one of the youngest classes of sailing yachts, which began to develop actively in the last 25-30 years.
The creator of such sports sailing ships is considered to be the Russian emigrant V. Chechet, who built a small yacht back in 1945, he also gave the name – a trimaran. Continue reading


Sapsurfing (Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – standing with an oar) is a water sport discipline in which long-distance competitions are organized using a board (slightly longer and wider than for ordinary surfing) and a one-blade paddle. Racing is carried out on vast expanses of water: the coast of the sea or ocean, lake, full-flowing river.

The Initial Sapsurfing
The homeland of this sport (Ku hoe he’e nalu) is considered the Hawaiian Islands. Europeans in 1778 described how Hawaiians on oar boards go out to the “big” water. They could silently get to the territory of the enemy, and the paddle pointed at the top was used as a spear or fishing harpoon.
In the middle of the 20th century, amateurs and journalists “went out” to take photographs from the water of athletes training or tourists trying to master surfing. Continue reading

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Sailing Trimarans
Sailing, in particular the trimaran race, is rightfully considered an extreme sport. All participants in the race are at considerable risk. Under good weather conditions, a racing trimaran can reach…


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