Extreme sports

Who would have thought that barfuting will come in water skiing. An explosion of popularity was provided to him by water sports enthusiasts from Florida - they posted a video…

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Extreme sports for beginners
You do not aspire to become a champion, and sport is not your profession. Nevertheless, a healthy thirst for movement and adrenaline is present in you. Then an active holiday…

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The modern world is characterized by rapid development. Sport is no exception! Currently, parasailing, ice half marathon, water climbing, which are combined sports, are gaining popularity. Let us dwell in…

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If the idea of ​​regular ice diving is not so scary, then you should think about ice hockey. Do not confuse with classic ice hockey or even underwater hockey. This sport was conceived in 2005 by freediver Christian Redl and his training partner Jaromir Fukal. A few years later, 2007, the first world championship was held in the Austrian city of Weissensee, where the Finnish team won. Other gaming countries were the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. The second world championship in underwater hockey was held in February 2013 in Weissensee (Austria), where Austria won the championship.

Despite the fact that people from northern Europe are the best sportsmen in winter sports, athletes from Austria were able to surpass everyone. The temperature of the “water” during the game reaches the mark of 5 degrees, which is why it is not surprising that the participants in the competitions are mainly residents of countries with harsh climates. Continue reading


Today, transport has become an integral part of our lives and it is probably foolish to believe that this is only a means of transportation. For many, this is a house, a whole life, or just an expensive toy. But since cars have such great functionality, then why can’t you find the best among them. Why is it believed that only people can go in for sports, not without human help, of course, but cars are also capable of this.
Trucks always seem heavy and incapable of maneuvering by means of transport, however, with the support of several transport and information companies at once, a record was set for the long jump among trucks with a trailer.

It seems unbelievable how such a rather bulky transport was able to make a jump through a racing car, even considering that for a flawless execution it required the construction of a springboard and lengthy calculations and tests carried out by experienced engineers. Continue reading

Extreme sports for beginners

You do not aspire to become a champion, and sport is not your profession. Nevertheless, a healthy thirst for movement and adrenaline is present in you. Then an active holiday for you!
Unfortunately, the average citizen does not have constant access to the sea and mountains. That is why extreme tourism or its calmer variety of active tourism, namely water and mountain sports, are exotic for him. They can not be tackled after work, but you can completely devote your vacation to them.

True, you must immediately make a reservation that pleasure is not cheap for three reasons. First, you need to get to your destination. Secondly, you need to rent equipment or have your own. Thirdly, practicing exotic sports usually require a paid briefing. Continue reading

5 most extreme sports (part 2)

Volcano Surfing
If skiing or sledding in the snow is not extreme enough, it’s time to go on a trip to an active volcano.

Landing on a volcano or surfing on volcanoes is exactly what it looks like, you are gliding along the slope of a volcano covered in cool ash. And by ashes we mean mainly small pieces of sharp volcanic rocks.

After walking along the rocks and debris to the top, riders descend the volcano on makeshift plywood toboggans, which makes this extreme sport accessible to everyone. The best of the best, can ride on a slope, standing on the board. Continue reading

5 most extreme sports (part 1)

Our need for speed, adrenaline and new experiences takes the wide world of sports to ever more extreme levels. Video about extreme descent on a skateboard and street sleigh began to appear online several years ago, but this is only a small part of the list of extreme sports.

Some thrill seekers feel like jumping out of a helicopter for skiing (heli-skiing) is not extreme enough, and they prefer skiing and flying.

Parasking is a combination of skiing (or snowboarding) and parasailing. The skier wears a parachute, and when he picks up enough speed to make him rise, he rises from the ground and starts to soar. Continue reading

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