Extreme sports

Kitesurfing is simply an amazing and wonderful sport. Equipment for him is very compact, so it does not take up much space. For skiing, the presence of waves and strong…

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5 most extreme sports (part 2)
Volcano Surfing If skiing or sledding in the snow is not extreme enough, it's time to go on a trip to an active volcano. Landing on a volcano or surfing…

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It is far from news that the inhabitants of planet Earth are foolishly invented. And this is not about some crazy ideas that have not found a place in society,…

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The ocean is a rich underwater world, with its laws, treasures and inhabitants. He still remains a mystery to humanity. Diving into the depths of the sea, we discover the incredible beauty and mystery of the ocean. The underwater world is beautiful, under water, hidden from the eyes of a person, a mysterious and amazing life boils.
Widespread demand among people – thrill-seekers, enjoy diving or scuba diving. Today, everyone, a healthy person, can go scuba diving, and feel like an explorer of the deep sea or an adventurer. If a person possesses basic knowledge and skills, then he will be able to swim with scuba diving relatively safely and simply, but you still need to have equipment. Continue reading


“The universe changes when you go kayaking,” the athletes say. From the surface of water, nature along the coast looks different. And you are completely new to perceive the body of water. It excites, and sometimes scares, with its unpredictability. Experienced kayakers warn: either you will love kayaking from the first trip, or, most likely, you will not board the boat anymore. This water sport catches once and for all.

The idea of ​​kayaking on an extreme pumpkin was inspired by pumpkin harvest festivals, which take place everywhere. For Native Americans, this solar product has been nutritional for centuries. Passion for the fetus was inherited by the sailing colonizers. Continue reading


In the world today, there are many sports, some of which are completely ordinary and familiar to any person. However, among them there are very impressive and non-traditional sports, one of them is underwater hockey. This is a relatively young sport, 1954 is considered the official date of its creation. This game was first played by Alan Blake, a diver. He wanted to diversify his underwater training and thus came up with a new sport. The first official game was held only after 8 years in 1962 in Vancouver. Since then, underwater hockey has become quite famous and popular hobby.
The pace of development of underwater hockey is truly amazing. Of course, when a person first hears the name of this sport, he has various questions. Imagine how exactly they play this game is difficult. In fact, underwater hockey is a type of ordinary hockey, the only difference is the venue for training and competition: all the game takes place at the bottom of the pool. Continue reading


At the words yacht, yachting, sailing, a picture immediately appears in my head – the warm sea, the sun, snow-white sails, girls in swimsuits and tanned young people in shorts. So it is, if you take a boat on a charter in the summer and go on a cruise along the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, yachting is multifaceted and interesting not only for such trips.

It is difficult to say when a person first used a sail to move on water. Historians cannot give a definite answer to this, but they are inclined to believe that somewhere between the time he began to walk on two legs and the way he invented the wheel. In those days, a sailing ship was, most likely, a raft or a dugout with a skin raised on a pole and was able to reach a speed of a couple of kilometers per hour. Today, NASA engineers consider the shape of the hull and sails of the racing yacht, and the budget of the team participating in international competitions is comparable to the budget of the Formula One team. The speed record for sailing today is more than 60 knots (110 kilometers per hour). Continue reading


Windsurfing is a type of sailing. This entertainment consists in running on the water a small board with a sail. The projectile itself is called a “sailing board” or “windsurf”, it consists directly of a small board (2 – 4.7 meters) made of floating material and a flexible sail.

In fact, this is also a sailing vessel, but without a helm, instead, it is controlled by tilting the mast and sail, or by tilting the board itself directly from side to side. A similar method is used when planing. Speed ​​control depends on the installation of the sail relative to the wind, which is carried out using a boom (the crossbar for which the athlete holds).

Despite the dependence on the wind, water spaces can be plowed with any of its strength. It all depends on the practice and dexterity of the windsurfer. In addition, it is possible to perform some tricks (jumps, coups, etc.), but this is the lot of professionals. Continue reading

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