Extreme sports

Ichthyander, the hero of the story of the same name by Alexander Belyaev, is familiar to many. He could be under water indefinitely, playing with dolphins, but nowhere in this…

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If the idea of ​​regular ice diving is not so scary, then you should think about ice hockey. Do not confuse with classic ice hockey or even underwater hockey. This…

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“Winter swimming”, swimming in the hole in Epiphany, dousing oneself with cold water in frost or rubbing oneself with snow — how can anyone be surprised today? The hardening of…

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The twenties of the last century were for America the time of the dominance of technology. It was a time of motors and speeds. For less and less time, transoceanic liners crossed the Atlantic, pilots took a height record one after another, racers squeezed the maximum possible out of their Bugatti and Dewey. “Air attractions” toured all states, in which pilots performed aerobatics.

Ralph Samuelson, an ordinary guy from Minnesota, also wanted to become “one of those who make America great.” June 28, 1922, he made his first attempt to conquer the expanse of water on skis towed by a boat. Ralph stayed on the water for only a couple of seconds. But by trial and error, Samuelson achieved stability and already on July 2 a motor boat, driven by his brother, cut through the waters of Lake Pepin. Ralph Samuelson, holding on to a rope tied to the stern, rushed thirty meters behind. Continue reading


When you dive into the water with a mask and a breathing tube, you probably don’t suspect that at this moment you are engaged in a sport such as snorkeling or snorkeling.

Snorkeling refers to scuba diving, its essence is the observation and study of the life of the inhabitants of the underwater world. In this case, the swimmer does not dive deep under water. Depth of immersion is regulated by the length of the breathing tube.
A kind of snorkeling is freediving. In this case, the swimmer can dive deep into the water.

Snorkeling equipment

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USA, Washington. Night haze and the characteristic sounds inherent in a pond. So it is, this Little White-Salmon is a mountain river with all the relevant attributes: fast wayward course, treacherous rapids and steep waterfalls. But what is it? The darkness is cut by the luminous silhouette of a man whose location indicates that he is in the middle of the river. It floats, and the lighting gradually changes color, and now – a person in a boat is right on the edge of the waterfall and … a bright spot breaks down. What was it? An extravagant way to pass away? A colorful show? A bold act, as a result of some crazy bet? Moreover, everything that happens is filmed and uploaded to the Web. No, everything is not so tragic and, in fact, is a professional athlete who is the most ordinary in essence and extraordinary in execution and conception of a river rafting. Continue reading


Humanity has always sought to conquer the sky. Just remember the myth of the flight of Icarus, which took off, but crashed, rising too close to the sun. Later, Da Vinci tried to create an aircraft, but only the Wright brothers made the dream of many a reality. However, there is no sense of flight on the plane, as you are in a confined space. To fly a paraglider or parachute, special skills are needed, but parasailing, which has become a trend recently (translated from English – “sail”), is quite suitable even for beginners who want to see the local landscape from a bird’s eye view.

Parasailing is an extreme form of entertainment, which is a parachute driven by a boat, motobike or other vehicle using a rope. As an attraction, it entered our life relatively recently, but its origins originate in the 60s of the last century. Lemoignier became an innovator. Thus, the landing troops were prepared for combat operations. Continue reading


The modern world is characterized by rapid development. Sport is no exception! Currently, parasailing, ice half marathon, water climbing, which are combined sports, are gaining popularity. Let us dwell in more detail on the latter. It is also called Psicobloc. Translated literally, it means “psychological defense.” And there is a reasonable explanation for this. The organizers of the competition hoped that, overcoming the height and then making the jump from the top, the participants would be able to “turn off” the psychological defense of the person responsible for the feeling of fear.

It all started with the fact that athletes from the United States came to sunny Spain to relax before the competition. The island of Mallorca with its rocky shores and warm sea encouraged them to create a new sport called Psicobloc. The fact is that while climbing one of the coastal rocks, the climber broke and fell into the water. This was the basis of the rules of water climbing. Continue reading

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