Extreme sports

There are several sports held on the rivers, the purpose of which is to cover the distance as much as possible in the shortest possible time and the least accrual…

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“Winter swimming”, swimming in the hole in Epiphany, dousing oneself with cold water in frost or rubbing oneself with snow — how can anyone be surprised today? The hardening of…

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Story. Chariot races were first mentioned in Greek history, while the peculiarity of this historical fact lies in several specific details. Namely: Greece was a military country where the sports…

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Many have seen competitions in diving from a tower at international competitions and wondered how athletes can jump from such a great height of 10 meters. But for some people this was not enough, and they founded a new extreme form – high diving.

Officially, the world federation was created in the mid 90s of the 20th century. One of the most popular varieties of this extreme entertainment is cliff diving. The first competitions in this sport were held in 2009. The season for athletes includes 8 stages of the World Series, in each of which they make a series of jumps from rocks 27 meters high. Continue reading


Shark swimming is an event that not everyone will decide on. Only experienced and self-confident drivers can allow swimming near marine predators.

History of diving

The first dives under water began at the dawn of human existence. The first scuba gear was an ordinary straw. It is clear that in such conditions a person could not be under water for a long time.
The first breakthrough in the development of diving is associated with the invention in England and France of the first diving suits. With the development of technology, equipment was also improved.
In the 19th century, the first wetsuit and the likeness of scuba gear were invented. In the next century, divers equipment improved and added rubber flippers. Continue reading


There is a small town in Australia, Alice Springs. It was founded in 1871, and the reason for the construction of the settlement was the laying of a telephone line on the way to Darwin. The city is not rich in attractions, except that the Todd River is there. A characteristic feature of this river is that the water in it appears exclusively in the rainy season, and the rest of the time Todd “pleases” the eye with a dry riverbed. Nevertheless, such an annoying trifle did not become an obstacle for enthusiasts from the local meteorological service, who in 1962 were inspired by the idea of ​​holding a real sailing regatta on the river. Well, almost real. And really, is this not a unique case when the participants will not have to row with all their might, squinting at the rivals, but run racing, carrying boats in their hands. Taking the name of the Henley-on-Thames regatta in England as a model, in which the Cambridge and Oxford rowers find out every year, comedians from Alice Springs christened their event Henley-on-Todd. Continue reading


“Winter swimming”, swimming in the hole in Epiphany, dousing oneself with cold water in frost or rubbing oneself with snow — how can anyone be surprised today? The hardening of the body is perceived in the order of things as a routine. And winter swimming tournaments, both regional and international, are held with enviable regularity in many countries of the world.

It is all the more pleasant because the first championship of a planetary scale in a completely new discipline took place in Russia. They went for this event for a long time, they were preparing for it, they were waiting for it. In the meantime, the athletes tirelessly trained, subjecting not only the body, but also the spirit to severe tests. Qualifying tournaments were held in Germany and Ireland, where applicants for the awards were able to feel what awaits them at the main start. Continue reading


Underwater wrestling, commonly known as Aquatlon, is a water sport in which two masked and fins compete under water in an attempt to peel off each other’s ankle.

Aquatlon received its development in the 80s of the last century. Its founder is Igor Ostrovsky, a Russian coach in underwater sports. Underwater wrestling was first presented at the Moscow Technological University in April 1982. This event was a huge success, therefore, back in 1993, international competitions were held in the capital. In March 1996, representatives of the diving federation of many countries met to create the IAA (International Aquatlon Association). The main goal of this organization is to modernize sports, support athletes and develop their talents, create national federations and associations, ensure the adoption of international competition rules and authorize official international competitions. Continue reading

Genuine diving
FAST DIVING - A SPORT FOR EXTREME Ice diving is carried out in the cold season with the use of special equipment, safety net and a scuba diver passing a…


This kind of competition, like racing, first appeared many thousands of years ago. Then race horses and chariots were used for this. Now the possibilities of this sport are much…


Since ancient times, mankind has tried to domesticate different types of animals, however, only some of them agreed to live next to human habitation. The rest were either too dangerous…


Kayaking ─ is not only water sports or tourism, but also active recreation on the water in a special boat (kayak). Extreme kayaking includes rafting on rough water and jumping…