Extreme sports

Sapsurfing (Stand Up Paddle (SUP) - standing with an oar) is a water sport discipline in which long-distance competitions are organized using a board (slightly longer and wider than for…

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Many people think that divers are fearless. This is a myth, because every person is afraid of something, and during diving you can meet a lot that could cause fear.…

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For a long time people were attracted by the opportunity to jump into the water from a great height. Sometimes it was an indicator of the jumper's courage and courage.…

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Many have heard of such a water sport as wave riding. But what is it? Sport is an active water hobby in which a person rides a wave using a kite in the form of a towing device. Water enthusiasm has formed from a mix of conventional surfing and sailing. A lover of this sport uses kite thrust to lift to the top of the wave. A surfer rises with the energy of two components. This is powerful wave energy and headwind energy. Natural elements allow a lover of wave riding to be on the wave and feel the power of movement and wind at full power. This is not just the ability to ride on the waves, it is a training in the special skill of self-control and control between a kite and a board. Continue reading


This kind of competition, like racing, first appeared many thousands of years ago. Then race horses and chariots were used for this. Now the possibilities of this sport are much wider due to the engine of progress. But whatever the new way to chase, people always want something else. Come up with another sophisticated way to prove that you are the fastest on a particular type of transport. So they came to this world of race on makeshift cars.

The well-known company for organizing various types of extreme and non-standard festivals Red Bull, took on the role of organizer of the next competitive show called Soapbox Race. The opening of the festival took place in Belgium in the year 2000 and since then has gained incredible popularity so much that a couple of years later, Red Bull held it in more than 100 countries around the world. Next year, the festival will celebrate its second dozen and promises to be eventful. Continue reading


Since ancient times, mankind has tried to domesticate different types of animals, however, only some of them agreed to live next to human habitation. The rest were either too dangerous for domestication, or the reason was the impossibility of using certain representatives of the fauna for their personal purposes.

Cows are a great example, allowing a person to receive meat and milk to satisfy hunger. A cow was always valued and important for peasants, and at all times, to lose a cow meant to remain without a breadwinner. But in the modern world, the need for cows has gradually come to naught. When there are other ways to find food, cows only become one way of feeding. Continue reading


Alexander Aleksandrovich Ilyin is one of the most extreme snowboarders, occupying 25th place in the world freeride rating. Standing on the board at the age of 26, he continues his dangerous career for 12 years. As an extreme sportsman claims, before starting skiing in the mountains he had a good office job. With the advent of a new hobby, Alexander began to devote more time to snowboarding.
Over time, she decides to leave the office with the words “why work when you can ride.” This decision turns his life upside down. In 2011, for the first time takes part in a freeride competition in Russia. He won prizes and came out the winner at the stages of the Russian Cup. And since 2012, he has been the winner and winner of the stages of the FWQ World League qualifying round (Freeride World Qualifier), moreover, he is part of the Russian team Jeremy Jones Snowboards. Winnings do not stop the snowboarder in his path, pushing for new commitments. Continue reading


The debate on the topic: “What is building?” Is still ongoing. Some believe that this is a sport, only very unusual and extreme; others claim that this is just a form of climbing; others believe that building is just a kind of parkour; and the fourth … do not believe and do not assume, because they simply do not know what it is. For them, in fact, this article is written.

Buildering_2 Definition.
The word “building” can not be literally translated from English. That is, it is possible, but such a translation, in practice, will do nothing. Judge for yourself: “building” is a building, and “bouldering” is a form of mountaineering. In general, by combining two short words, it turned out one long, but what a capacious concept. Continue reading

Kitesurfing is simply an amazing and wonderful sport. Equipment for him is very compact, so it does not take up much space. For skiing, the presence of waves and strong…


Descent by boat on a route in the highlands has long been known to extreme sports enthusiasts. Unlike other water sports, it does not require special skills, there are no…


Motorboat racing is often compared with the competition of marine boats, as they are connected by one regulation, which is why the name arose. The World Championship as well as…


WE JUMP IN WATER RIGHT ANIMAL Humanity is such an unpredictable view that some of the things that people do are simply bewildering. Few people have traditional sports, so they…