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When you dive into the water with a mask and a breathing tube, you probably don’t suspect that at this moment you are engaged in a sport such as snorkeling or snorkeling.

Snorkeling refers to scuba diving, its essence is the observation and study of the life of the inhabitants of the underwater world. In this case, the swimmer does not dive deep under water. Depth of immersion is regulated by the length of the breathing tube.
A kind of snorkeling is freediving. In this case, the swimmer can dive deep into the water.

Snorkeling equipment

As a mandatory equipment, when practicing snorkeling use a mask and snorkel.

Designed to protect the eyes and nose of a person from water. At the same time, through her glass, you can look under the water, observing the surrounding world. Masks of various sizes are produced, so before buying, you must definitely check that it does not slip off the face. If the mask compresses your face strongly, then you will not be able to enjoy snorkeling for a long time. Ideal if it sits tight, and in front of your face you have a small distance.
Glass or porthole is made of tempered glass or special plastic. For people with low vision, special masks are issued that have glasses with diopters. The mask shutter should be made of elastic material.

A tube
Designed to organize the breath of an athlete under water. When swimming, a small part of the tube is above the water, which allows the athlete to breathe calmly, even if your head is completely immersed in water.
The tube consists of a mouthpiece and tube body. The housing can mate with the mouthpiece by means of a corrugated element.

They are not mandatory equipment, but with their help you can swim much faster, and at the same time, the athlete will save his strength. Models with adjustable and unregulated size of galoshes are produced. If swimming is carried out in cold water, it is advisable to have a wetsuit that will allow you to feel comfortable in case of low water temperature.

Preparing for snorkeling
The mask is put on first. Before dressing, it is moistened with water. This will allow the mask to fit more tightly to the face. If the glass is fogged up, then you can pre-cover it on the inside with soap. Next, the tube is attached to the mask using a clip. The last to wear flippers. It is more convenient to enter the water with your back so that the flippers do not interfere with the movement.

Snorkeling Technique
In water, you need to position the body horizontally relative to the surface of the water. The tip of the tube should be above the water. When moving the arms are placed along the body, and the legs perform smooth movements under water. This will allow you to move without additional noise and does not scare the underwater inhabitants. If swimming will be carried out in salt water, then additional weights that are located on the belt can be used.

Snorkeling Guidelines
• when swimming, do not allow the upper end of the tube to be submerged under water, as this can lead to water entering it;
• it is undesirable to try to catch unfamiliar inhabitants of the underwater world, pick them up, as they can begin to defend themselves, which can lead to burns, etc .;
• after you have eaten, it is advisable to rest a couple of hours before starting swimming. It is strictly forbidden to do snorkeling after drinking alcohol;
• in water, all objects seem to be 25% larger than actually, so if you are doing underwater photography, then when photographing, it is better to get a little closer to the subject.

The most popular snorkeling in those places where there are warm seas.
Snorkeling is a fascinating and informative sport. Properly selected equipment and compliance with the rules of being under water will allow you to get beautiful pictures and an unforgettable experience of traveling in the underwater world.

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