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Sailing Trimarans

Sailing, in particular the trimaran race, is rightfully considered an extreme sport. All participants in the race are at considerable risk. Under good weather conditions, a racing trimaran can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and any oversight in controlling a vessel can lead to serious consequences.
Competitions in trimarans are largely unpredictable. The weather has a great influence on the course of the race and it often happens that the slightest inaccuracy of a team takes away all chances to win.

Sailing trimaran is a ship with three parallel hulls that are connected to each other in the upper part. This design has good stability and good seaworthiness.
Trimarans represent one of the youngest classes of sailing yachts, which began to develop actively in the last 25-30 years.
The creator of such sports sailing ships is considered to be the Russian emigrant V. Chechet, who built a small yacht back in 1945, he also gave the name – a trimaran.Sailing trimarans are of two types:
• Normal – with a continuous coating.
• Open, in which the enclosures are interconnected by a network;

The advantages are that, compared to simple sailing yachts, they are wider, have less draft and can carry more sails. Trimaran develops high speed in a straight line and maintains stability even in strong winds.

Trimarans have long plowed the open sea, but they have become used in competitions relatively recently. Regattas are considered one of the largest and most famous sailing competitions, they are held for ships of various types and classes. Regattas became popular back in the middle of the 19th century in many countries.

In the 60–70s of the twentieth century, multihulls became fashionable. New materials appeared, thanks to which many construction problems were solved and the design of trimarans was improved. Modern trimarans race and circumnavigate the world.
For the first time, in 1960, an American ship designer was able to cross the Atlantic in a trimaran. And already in the late sixties, in two big competitions, trimarans became indisputable leaders.

To date, a lot of different regattas are held with the participation of trimarans.
So, in February 2016, a race was held in the Gulf of Monaco, in which four trimarans took part. Each class of yachts has its own separate distance. The victory was won by the French triam class Diam 24 – Guyader.

Trimarans became full participants in the Olympic Games. Sailing since 1900 is included in the game program. And recently, it has been races of multihull yachts that are a particularly spectacular and attractive event.

The evolution of sports trimarans takes place during the preparation of yachts for various competitions.
The main class of racing trimarans is considered – Formula 60. This class hosts the prestigious and well-known competition in the world – the ORMA championship. Modern trimarans of the Formula 60 class are built from the latest materials – carbon fiber and fiberglass, which provide strength and ease of construction. Trimaran creators often experiment with sails, changing their size, appearance and material. Today, most trimaran models are handmade, although there are industrial models that can be found in the markets.

The cost of a trimaran is very high. Not everyone can become the owner of such a vessel and a participant in the competition. This is one of the most expensive and elite sports. But those who are lucky enough to become the owner of a racing trimaran will forever remain his most furious fans.

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