Skimboarding is an underestimated sport on the board, the progenitor of which is surfing. Only skimboarders ride more often than not on the crest of a wave, they are well…

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The twenties of the last century were for America the time of the dominance of technology. It was a time of motors and speeds. For less and less time, transoceanic…

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5 most extreme sports (part 1)

Our need for speed, adrenaline and new experiences takes the wide world of sports to ever more extreme levels. Video about extreme descent on a skateboard and street sleigh began to appear online several years ago, but this is only a small part of the list of extreme sports.

Some thrill seekers feel like jumping out of a helicopter for skiing (heli-skiing) is not extreme enough, and they prefer skiing and flying.

Parasking is a combination of skiing (or snowboarding) and parasailing. The skier wears a parachute, and when he picks up enough speed to make him rise, he rises from the ground and starts to soar.Some parachutists fly throughout the run, while others jump back and forth between sailing and skiing. In fact, it combines two extreme sports into one more extreme sport. To reach an even more extreme level, some athletes combine heli-skiing and parasail skiing, which opens up a whole new world of landscape.

Right now, a flight in wingsuit is probably the closest to when a person can get to a controlled flight without machine support.

Flying squirrelWingsuit flight is a type of skydiving in which the “pilot” or jumper wears a special suit that makes it look like a flying squirrel. This specialized suit has “wings” along the sides of the body and between the legs. The wings have air pockets that give the pilot more lift, allowing him to fall more slowly and control where he is flying with amazing accuracy.

A flight in wingsuit can take place from a helicopter or from a base. Some experienced pilots find themselves incredibly close to the mountainsides and even cruise in a controlled free fall through ravines.

With the help of a suit, a man in a wingsuit can reduce the speed with which he falls, and at the same time increase his horizontal speed. The suit is essentially inflated with air through which it moves with the help of small inlets. This helps the costume maintain a tight structure. Thus, divers can rest with their hands and feet during the flight.

Modern wingsuits have parachutes on their backs: a regular gutter and a spare gutter. This sport also requires the jumper to unfurl his parachute at the optimum height in order to land safely. The average proximity with which jumpers fly is between 50 and 60 miles per hour, and they can move at a speed of about 70-90 miles per hour.

What can complicate a narrow rope move? When this rope does not shake.

You may have seen how slacklines were installed at some festivals (for example, a rope stretched from tree to tree), on which slackliners demonstrate their skills and enable the general public to try this extreme sport (although without the possibility of falling from a great height) .

Slacklining turns into an extreme sport when it is set high above the ground (usually between buildings or rocks), and a slackliner crosses it without protective nets below or a pole for extra balance. The only thing that keeps them safe while the belt is moving and swinging is their intense balance and a small safety belt.

Although the media sometimes call highliners thrill-seekers, it’s actually the other way around. This process requires a very calm approach and focus on self-control.

Highliners almost always wear straps and leashes, so a fall involves only a slight wobble in the open. Only a small number of highliners refuse to tether (for free alone) and only occasionally, comparable to the practice of climbing. Even in the case of solo highliners, the risk is lower than that of solo climbing, as the lead soloist can catch the rope when falling, the main skill of this sport, which becomes reflective.

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