WE JUMP IN WATER RIGHT ANIMAL Humanity is such an unpredictable view that some of the things that people do are simply bewildering. Few people have traditional sports, so they…

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5 most extreme sports (part 2)
Volcano Surfing If skiing or sledding in the snow is not extreme enough, it's time to go on a trip to an active volcano. Landing on a volcano or surfing…

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At the words yacht, yachting, sailing, a picture immediately appears in my head - the warm sea, the sun, snow-white sails, girls in swimsuits and tanned young people in shorts.…

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There are several sports held on the rivers, the purpose of which is to cover the distance as much as possible in the shortest possible time and the least accrual of penalty points. The high spectacle of such competitions allows you to rapidly expand the audience who prefer water sports.

Super boarders on rough water (Jet boad whitewater racing) – are competitions in speeding the passage of a section of a river with natural and artificial obstacles in a special small motor boat along a strictly defined route.
The first competitions on small water-jet boats began to be held in the 80s of the last century in New Zealand, where most of the rivers are narrow, small rivulets along which you can travel using a small boat with a water-jet engine.

Initially, the available boats were used for the competition, and a little later they introduced uniform standards for the size of the boat, the power of the used motor, safety equipment (equipment of boats with arcs, the mandatory use of special coveralls and protective helmets by racers), which allowed to significantly increase the speed of passing the distance and entertainment competitions. To attract television companies and advertising agencies to the show of races, which significantly increased the profitability of events with the possibility of developing and improving technical means.
For competitions small boats having the following dimensions are used:

body length 3.2 – 4.61 m;
width 1.516 – 2.182 m;
board thickness – 4 mm;
bottom thickness – 6 mm;
payload 350 – 600 kg;
the possibility of access to water with a wave height of up to 1.25 m.
For the manufacture of the hull and individual parts of the boat’s equipment, a high-quality aluminum alloy is used that can withstand heavy loads and has a low weight. The transom for the boat can be installed under any motor, which greatly simplifies the possibility of equipment.

Hulls of boats are made of 2 types:

tunnel (trimarans, catamarans);

The lower part of the hull can be equipped with additional protection and special stability ribs of a swimming aid that help athletes to keep the boat on course during sharp turns during the course.

To equip the boats, water-jet engines with power from 100 to 1400 hp are used. The most powerful engine is capable of pumping up to 3 tons of water per minute, which allows you to develop speed in separate straight sections up to 150 km / h. High maneuverability of boats due to their small size, light weight and powerful motor during sharp turns of the boat creates 5 G overloads affecting athletes.

Racers participating in races must have a good vestibular apparatus for quick reaction and sufficient experience in controlling a boat.

All boats are equipped with safety arches, and the pilot and navigator seats (when using a double boat) are equipped with belts.

In the Russian Federation, super-races on rough water are becoming increasingly popular. A number of specialized companies offer their services in the manufacture of Jet boad boats, in accordance with the established standards J 32, J 37, J 45, which can be used for competitions and travel on the rivers of our country.

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