It is far from news that the inhabitants of planet Earth are foolishly invented. And this is not about some crazy ideas that have not found a place in society,…

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Playing sports has recently become widespread. A healthy lifestyle promotes active pastime with the participation of all age groups.

Tubing is one of the options for mass sports, which consists in downhill from a hill in the winter season and sliding on the water surface in the summer on a special projectile made in the form of an inflatable ring.

The name of this sport comes from the English word “tube” – inflatable sleds, which are made of a durable camera, using a protective cover made of thick fabric. For the manufacture of protection, durable fabrics are used: nylon, polyester, reinforced polyvinyl chloride with additional installation and fastening on the body of a nylon tape with handles to control the projectile and maintain body balance during movement. Due to the airframe and smooth coating, the projectile is capable of developing high speed, and when dropped, soften the blows of the user with a reduced possibility of injury.

When practicing tubing, the user receives a sufficiently large load when climbing the hill and during the control of the movement of the projectile, which contributes to the development of coordination and strength endurance, increases vitality.

The first mention of tubing appeared in 1820, and as a sport among the population has gained popularity in our time.

There are two main areas:
• winter;
• summer.
In winter, the descent is made from slides using various shells in design and decoration:
• bagels;
• inflatable sled;
• cheesecakes;
• donuts;
• buns;
• toboggans.
The projectile is controlled by the user by changing the center of gravity of the body.
In the warm season, products are used for water skiing:
• when carrying out rafting on a river having an average flow velocity;
• as a towed projectile on a cable behind a boat with the possibility of short-term soaring above the water surface.

Using a tube for tubing allows you to get a number of advantages:
1. The low weight of the product makes it possible to move the projectile over long distances without much effort.
2. Achieve high speed when descending from a mountain and sliding on a water surface.
3. Assemble and disassemble the product using special devices as soon as possible.
4. When folded, they take up little space and are light in weight.
5. Have a sufficient level of safety when used in compliance with the necessary rules.

When buying a product, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors helping to make the right choice:
1. The presence of a durable inflatable chamber that determines the strength of the structure. The best quality cameras are domestic production.
2. Covers are better to choose from reinforced polyvinyl chloride, which has a rather slippery surface and high strength. You can also use covers made of nylon, cordura, polyoxyford.
3. The bottom of the tube should be made of fabric with a density of 900 g / sq.m.
4. The belts attached to the projectile must withstand increased loads (transportation on a water surface with full load).
5. The size of the tube is selected depending on the age, weight, and height of the user. The main models are produced with a diameter of 60 to 150 cm.

Manufactured products can be divided into two groups:
• children’s (Yukon Saturn Print, Troika SC 9, SnowShow Mera, Unison)
• Models designed for 2-3 users (SnowShow Trio, Cheesecake 17-100 Р).
The right model of tube will allow you to operate the product for a long period of time and without injuries.

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