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Shark swimming is an event that not everyone will decide on. Only experienced and self-confident drivers can allow swimming near marine predators.

History of diving

The first dives under water began at the dawn of human existence. The first scuba gear was an ordinary straw. It is clear that in such conditions a person could not be under water for a long time.
The first breakthrough in the development of diving is associated with the invention in England and France of the first diving suits. With the development of technology, equipment was also improved.
In the 19th century, the first wetsuit and the likeness of scuba gear were invented. In the next century, divers equipment improved and added rubber flippers.

Shark swimming
As soon as a person began to conquer the open sea, he had to meet with sharks. Often this was due to the fact that the person did not know well the possible places of their habitat, since the underwater world was still almost unexplored.

But there are people who themselves are looking for encounters with danger and enjoy it. So a special kind of diving stood out – swimming with sharks. His followers deliberately go to the habitats of predators to see these dangerous, but beautiful and graceful fish.

Shark Diving

There are two options for meeting these sea creatures: immersion in a cage and free swimming. In the first case, the person is put in a cage with thick metal rods and lowered to a depth. So you can see a shark from a very close distance. This method is good in that it is suitable even for a completely inexperienced beginner.
Free diving is fraught with great risk and is suitable only for experienced athletes. A man dives under water, where sharks are lured with the help of lure. Nearby is an instructor. There is another variety – free swimming without feeding. Divers swim in a boat, and with the advent of sharks, they dive into the water. The most important thing is not to move away from each other, as sharks often attack a lone victim.

Safety rules when swimming with sharks.

What can never be done when meeting with sharks:
• Do not make sudden movements.
• Do not turn your back on the fish.
• Do not take a horizontal position (sharks perceive vertically located objects as not edible).
• Do not dive in poor visibility.
• Do not wear colorful costumes.
• Do not dive if your body has fresh wounds.
• Do not try to feed or stroke sharks.
• Do not choose to dive from dusk to dawn. At this time, sharks hunt and pose a great danger to divers.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation and not let sharks out of sight. If their number is growing rapidly and the fish show an increased interest in the personality of the diver, you should immediately swim towards the shore. In this case, one should not panic, waving hands.

Where to go swimming

There are enough places on the planet where you can enjoy the sight of huge predators. You can meet with a whale shark on the Philippine Islands, in Mexico, on the west coast of Australia. This species is safe for humans.
In southern Africa and Australia, a large white shark lives in Mexico. This is the most dangerous predator, so meeting with it is possible only in a metal cage.

Those who do not wish to swim in the open sea can visit the oceanarium. The most famous is located in Singapore. Here you can try dangerous entertainment from the age of 12. It must be remembered that sharks attack a person only as a last resort. Therefore, compliance with the rules and recommendations of the instructor guarantees safety. Shark diving is growing in popularity. There are more and more willing to take a chance. After all, this is not only adrenaline and an unforgettable experience, but also the opportunity to observe the life of these huge fish.

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