Extreme sports are increasingly attracting those wishing to get a fair amount of adrenaline. There are already many winter sports that are considered extreme, among them several types of snowboarding:…

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flekosteel Guatemala precio
There are several sports held on the rivers, the purpose of which is to cover the distance as much as possible in the shortest possible time and the least accrual…

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More and more young people and professional athletes prefer active recreation and getting a boost of vigor with the help of extreme sports, the determining condition for which is the…

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Playing sports has recently become widespread. A healthy lifestyle promotes active pastime with the participation of all age groups.

Tubing is one of the options for mass sports, which consists in downhill from a hill in the winter season and sliding on the water surface in the summer on a special projectile made in the form of an inflatable ring.

The name of this sport comes from the English word “tube” – inflatable sleds, which are made of a durable camera, using a protective cover made of thick fabric. Continue reading


The unknown word “wakeboarding” for many people hides a sport, namely, water skiing on the board. Conventionally, this entertainment is divided into two varieties: movement attached from electric traction (cable) and using a boat. Riding when using a cable is a more affordable and cheaper form compared to riding with a boat.

The boat riding method requires equipping the boat with weight systems and ballast to increase the size of the wake wave. A wake wave is a traveling wave created when a boat moves. A large and stable wake wave is used by athletes to perform tricks, they also use jumps.
You will feel the differences of the cable way of skiing from the very start, the thrust will be directed upwards, which will pull you out of the water. The design of the waterway consists of masts placed around the perimeter of the water area, between which a special cable is pulled, driven by an electric motor. Continue reading

Extreme sports for beginners

You do not aspire to become a champion, and sport is not your profession. Nevertheless, a healthy thirst for movement and adrenaline is present in you. Then an active holiday for you!
Unfortunately, the average citizen does not have constant access to the sea and mountains. That is why extreme tourism or its calmer variety of active tourism, namely water and mountain sports, are exotic for him. They can not be tackled after work, but you can completely devote your vacation to them.

True, you must immediately make a reservation that pleasure is not cheap for three reasons. First, you need to get to your destination. Secondly, you need to rent equipment or have your own. Thirdly, practicing exotic sports usually require a paid briefing. Continue reading

Sailing Trimarans
Sailing, in particular the trimaran race, is rightfully considered an extreme sport. All participants in the race are at considerable risk. Under good weather conditions, a racing trimaran can reach…


When you dive into the water with a mask and a breathing tube, you probably don’t suspect that at this moment you are engaged in a sport such as snorkeling…


Cycling is a very popular sport. It consists in riding on special machines called bike maps. This kind of sport is very interesting and exciting. Many people come to see…


Genuine diving
FAST DIVING - A SPORT FOR EXTREME Ice diving is carried out in the cold season with the use of special equipment, safety net and a scuba diver passing a…