The twenties of the last century were for America the time of the dominance of technology. It was a time of motors and speeds. For less and less time, transoceanic…

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Story. Chariot races were first mentioned in Greek history, while the peculiarity of this historical fact lies in several specific details. Namely: Greece was a military country where the sports…

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Skimboarding is an underestimated sport on the board, the progenitor of which is surfing. Only skimboarders ride more often than not on the crest of a wave, they are well…

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Sapsurfing (Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – standing with an oar) is a water sport discipline in which long-distance competitions are organized using a board (slightly longer and wider than for ordinary surfing) and a one-blade paddle. Racing is carried out on vast expanses of water: the coast of the sea or ocean, lake, full-flowing river.

The Initial Sapsurfing
The homeland of this sport (Ku hoe he’e nalu) is considered the Hawaiian Islands. Europeans in 1778 described how Hawaiians on oar boards go out to the “big” water. They could silently get to the territory of the enemy, and the paddle pointed at the top was used as a spear or fishing harpoon.
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Shark swimming is an event that not everyone will decide on. Only experienced and self-confident drivers can allow swimming near marine predators.

History of diving

The first dives under water began at the dawn of human existence. The first scuba gear was an ordinary straw. It is clear that in such conditions a person could not be under water for a long time.
The first breakthrough in the development of diving is associated with the invention in England and France of the first diving suits. With the development of technology, equipment was also improved.
In the 19th century, the first wetsuit and the likeness of scuba gear were invented. In the next century, divers equipment improved and added rubber flippers. Continue reading


Underwater wrestling, commonly known as Aquatlon, is a water sport in which two masked and fins compete under water in an attempt to peel off each other’s ankle.

Aquatlon received its development in the 80s of the last century. Its founder is Igor Ostrovsky, a Russian coach in underwater sports. Underwater wrestling was first presented at the Moscow Technological University in April 1982. This event was a huge success, therefore, back in 1993, international competitions were held in the capital. In March 1996, representatives of the diving federation of many countries met to create the IAA (International Aquatlon Association). The main goal of this organization is to modernize sports, support athletes and develop their talents, create national federations and associations, ensure the adoption of international competition rules and authorize official international competitions. Continue reading

Today, transport has become an integral part of our lives and it is probably foolish to believe that this is only a means of transportation. For many, this is a…


Humanity has always sought to conquer the sky. Just remember the myth of the flight of Icarus, which took off, but crashed, rising too close to the sun. Later, Da…


“The universe changes when you go kayaking,” the athletes say. From the surface of water, nature along the coast looks different. And you are completely new to perceive the body…


If the idea of ​​regular ice diving is not so scary, then you should think about ice hockey. Do not confuse with classic ice hockey or even underwater hockey. This…